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Cover 4 modules of ccnax 200-125
CCNAX 200-125, Official Course Outline

1- Introduction to Networks
Chapter 1: Exploring the Network
Chapter 2: Configuring a Network Operating System
Chapter 3: Network Protocols and Communications
Chapter 4: Network Access
Chapter 5: Ethernet
Chapter 6: Network Layer
Chapter 7: Transport Layer
Chapter 8: IP Addressing
Chapter 9: Subnetting IP Networks
Chapter 10: Application Layer
Chapter 11: It’s a Network
2- Routing and Switching Essentials
Chapter 1: Introduction to Switched Networks
Chapter 2: Introduction to Switched Networks
Chapter 3: VLANs
Chapter 4: Routing Concepts
Chapter 5: Inter-VLAN Routing
Chapter 6: Static Routing
Chapter 7: Routing Dynamically
Chapter 8: Single-Area OSPF
Chapter 9: Access Control Lists
Chapter 10: DHCP
Chapter 11: Network Address Translation for IPv4
3- Scaling Networks
Chapter 1: Introduction to Scaling Networks
Chapter 2: LAN Redundancy
Chapter 3: Link Aggregation
Chapter 4: Wireless LANs
Chapter 5: Adjust and Troubleshoot Single-Area OSPF
Chapter 6: Wireless LANs
Chapter 7: Enhanced Interior Gateway Protocol (EIGRP)
Chapter 8: EIGRP Advanced Configurations and Troubleshooting
Chapter 9: IOS Images and Licensing
4- Connecting Networks
Chapter 1: Hierarchical Network Design
Chapter 2: Connecting to the WAN
Chapter 3: Point-to-Point Connections
Chapter 4: Frame Relay
Chapter 5: Network Address Translation for IPv4
Chapter 6: Broadband Solutions
Chapter 7: Securing Site-to-Site Connectivity
Chapter 8: Monitoring the Network
Chapter 9: Troubleshooting the Network

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