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CCNA 200-125 New Questions

Posted: October 9, 2016 in Cisco

When an interface is configured with PortFastBPDU guard, how does the interface respond when it receives a BPDU?
a. It continues operating normally
b. It goes into a down/down state
c. It becomes the root bridge for the configured VLAN
*d. It goes into an errdisable state
In which two formats can the IPv6 address fd15:0db8:0000:0000:0700:0003:400F:527B be written? (Choose two.)
*a. fd15:0db8:0000:0000:700:3:400F:527B
b. fd15::db8::700:3:400F:527B
c. fd15:db8:0::700:3:4F:527B
d. fd15:0db8::700:3:4F:527B
*e. fd15:db8::700:3:400F:527B
What are three characteristics of the TCP protocol? (Choose three.)
a. It uses a single SYN-ACK message to establish a connection.
*b. The connection is established before data is transmitted.
*c. It ensures that all data is transmitted and received by the remote device.
d. It supports significantly higher transmission speeds than UDP.
e. It requires applications to determine when data packets must be reteransmitted.
*f. It uses separate SYN and ACK messages to establish a connection.
Which statement about RADIUS security is true?
*a. It supports EAP authentication for connecting to wireless networks
b. It provides encrypted multiprotocol support
c. Device-administration packets are encrypted in their entirely
d. It ensures that user activity is fully anonymous
Which two statements about IPv4 multicast traffic are true? (Choose two.)
a. It budens the source host without affecting remote hosts.
b. It uses a minimum amount of network bandwidth.
c. It is bandwidth-intensive.
*d. It simultaneously delivers multiple streams of data.
*e. It is the most efficient way to deliver data to multiple receivers.
Which type of device can be replaced by the use of subinterfaces for VLAN routing?
a. Layer 2 bridge
b. Layer 2 switch
*c. Layer 3 switch
d. router
Which statement about LLDP is true?
a. It is a Cisco proprietary protocol
*b. It is configured in global configuration mode
c. The LLDP update frequency is a fixed value
d. It runs over the transport layer
What is the authoritative source for an address lookup?
*a. a recursive DNS search
b. the operating system cashe
c. the ISP local cashe
d. the browser cashe
Which command can you enter to verify that a BGP connection to a remote device is established?
*a. show ip bgp summary
b. show ip community-list
c. show ip bgp paths
d. show ip route
During which phase of PPPoE is PPP authentication performed?
*a. the PPP Session phase
b. Phase 2
c. the Active Discovery phase
d. the Authentication phase
e. Phase 1
Which three circumstances can cause a GRE tunnel to be in an up/down state?(Choose three.)
a. The tunnel interface IP address is misconfigured
*b. The tunel interface is down
*c. A valid route to the destination address is missing from the routing table
*d. The tunnel address is routed through the tunnel itself
e. The ISP is blocking the traffic
f. An ACL is blocking the outbound traffic
Which two statements about using leased lines for your WAN infrastructure are true? (Choose two.)
a. Leased lines provide inexpensive WAN access
b. Leased lines with sufficient bandwidth can avoid latency between endpoints
*c. Leased lines require little installation and maintenance expertise
*d. Leased lines provide highly flexible bandwidth scaling
e. Multiple leased lines can share a router interface
f. Leased lines support up to T1 link speeds
Which command can you enter to verify that a 128-bit address is live and responding?
a. traceroute
b. telnet
c. ping
*d. ping ipv6
Which switching method duplicates the first six bytes of a frame before making a switching decision?
a. fragement-free switching
b. store-and-forward switching
*c. cut-through switching
d. ASIC switching
Which command can you enter to determine whether serial interface 0/2/0 has been configured using HDLC encapsulation?
a. router# show platform
*b. router# show interfaces Serial 0/2/0
c. router# show ip interface s0/2/0
d. router# show ip interface brief
Which logging command can enable administrators to correlate syslog messages with millisecond precision?
a. no logging console
b. logging buffered 4
c. no logging monitor
*d. service timestamps log datetime mscec
e. logging host
Which functon of the IP SLAc ICMP jitter operation can you use to determine whether a VoIP issue is caused by excessive end-to-end time?
a. packet loss
b. jitter
c. successive packet loss
*d. round-trip time latency
Which command can you enter to determine whether a switch is operating in trunking mode?
a. show ip interface brief
b. show vlan
c. show interfaces
*d. show interface switchport
Which feature can help you implement to reverse bandwidth for VoIP calls across the call path?
a. PQ
c. round robin
*d. RSVP
Which condition does the err-disabled status indicate on an Ethernet interface?
a. There is a duplex mismatch
b. The device at the other end of the connection is powered off
c. The serial interface is disabled
d. The interface is configured with the shutdown command
*e. Port security has disabled the interface
f. The interface is fully functioning
Which command can you enter to display duplicate IP addresses that the DHCP server assigns?
*a. show ip dhcp conflict
b. show ip dhcp database
c. show ip dhcp server statistics
d. show ip dhcp binding
Which interface counter can you use to diagnose a duplex mismatch problem?
a. no carrier
b. late collisions
*c. giants
d. CRC errors
e. deffered
f. runts
Which two statements about northbound and southbound APIs are true? (Choose two)
a. Only southbound APIs allow program control of the network
*b. Only northbound APIs allow program control of the network
*c. Only southbound API interfaces use a Service Abstraction Layer
d. Only northbound API interfaces use a Service Abstraction Layer
e. Both northbound and southbound API interfaces use a Service Abstraction Layer
f. Both northbound and southbound APIs allow program control of the networkccna-online

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Which two statements about wireless LAN controllers are true?(Choose two)
*a. They can simplify the management and deploymentof wireless LANs
b. They relay on external firewall for WLAN security
c. They are best suited to smaller wireless networks
d. They must be configured through a GUI over HTTP or HTTPS
*e. They can manage mobility policies at a systemwide level
Which three statements about link-state routing are true?(Choose three)
*a. OSPF is a link-state protocol
b. Updates are sent to a broadcast address
c. It uses split horizon
*d. Route are updated when a change in topology occurs
e. RIP is a link-state protocol
*f. Updates are sent to a multicast address by default
What are two benefits of private IPv4 IP addresse?(Choose two.)
a. They are routed the same as public IP addresses
*b. They are less costly than public IP address
*c. They can be assigned to devices without Internet connections
d. They eliminate the necessity for NAT policies
e. They eliminate duplicate IP conflicts

CCP Using GNS3

Posted: October 9, 2016 in Cisco

Router Configuration to Run Cisco CP

Perform these configuration steps in order to run Cisco CP on a Cisco router:
Connect to your router using Telnet, SSH, or through the console.
Enter global configuration mode using this command:
If HTTP and HTTPS are enabled and configured to use nonstandard port numbers, you can skip this step and simply use the port number already configured.
Enable the router HTTP or HTTPS server using these Cisco IOS Software commands:
Router(config)# ip http server
Router(config)# ip http secure-server
Router(config)# ip http authentication local
Create a user with privilege level 15:
Router(config)# username <username> privilege 15 password 0 <password>

Note: Replace <username> and <password> with the username and password that you want to configure. Do not use the same password for your user and enable passwords.
Configure SSH and Telnet for local login and privilege level 15.
Router(config)# line vty 0 4
Router(config-line)# privilege level 15
Router(config-line)# login local
Router(config-line)# transport input telnet
Router(config-line)# transport input telnet ssh
Router(config-line)# exit
(Optional) Enable local logging to support the log monitoring function:
Router(config)# logging buffered 51200 warning